Stephanie Corigliano holds a PhD in Comparative Theology from Boston College. Her dissertation, “A Hermeneutic of Modern Yoga: Detachment and Spiritual Practice in Christianity and Hinduism,” explores the dialectic tension between life-affirming goals in Yoga (health, balance, well-being) and the world-renouncing asceticism of traditional texts such as PataƱjali’s Yoga Sutra through a comparative study with Christian spiritual praxis. Previous work includes a master’s thesis entitled, “Eckhart and the Yoga Vasistha: A Comparative Analysis of Detachment and Just Action,” as well as an article and extensive research into the history of Christian Inculturation in India. Stephanie first practiced with Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois in 2000 and was authorized to teach Ashtanga by Jois in 2003.


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