“Dominic is a teacher of rare breadth and depth of experience since having started Ashtanga Yoga with Pattabhi Jois in the early 1980s. This long continuous period of study under Guruji has provided him with unique insights into the Ashtanga method. Dom’s varied interests and eventful life have also helped develop a unique and balanced philosophy and wisdom which he generously shares with his students.”

Mark Yeo Certified Ashtanga Teacher

Hanuman South Indian


“My time as Dominic’s student, and then as his apprentice, altered the course of my life’s work and my inner evolution. This was a process supported by the the space that he held, by his rare and subtle use of cues that would significantly reorient my awareness and guide my energy deeper, by a loving community, and just the method of daily practice itself. The shift that took place in those years was of the ineffable sort, so it’s most honest to pass over it in silence. The most I can say is that I learned to take a predominantly energetic practice (my consciousness was centered in pranamaya kosha) and integrate an awareness of all levels of my being – physical, analytical/discursive, intuitive/psychic and spiritual. The boundaries I’d set up between my practice and the rest of my life began to really fall away. Experiences of weird stillness started to happen, and stayed happening.

I will not project these experiences on to Dominic, but he did hold the space for deep shifts to occur naturally. And he did keep sufficient distance and comfort with uncertainty about what would happen next that I could undergo a phase of very rapid growth. The gratitude is endless.”

About Dominic By Angela Jamison 

Certified Ashtanga Teacher at AYA2 Ann Arbor Mi

“everywhere we get to that same trance of rhythm and movement.  Ashtanga practice reveals the 8-fold path. Practice leads to understanding beyond rational understanding. It’s a cellular understanding. You are and your understanding is, ever deeper.”

About Dominic By Deborah Crooks



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